Freelancer Management in Film Production.

The media industry stands for creativity and a heavily interconnected network of freelancers. That's great for producing films, commercials, and music, but it makes organisation really hard. We founded a software as a service startup to revolutionize the way freelancers can be managed and crews booked.

Augmented Reality Tour for a Fraunhofer Facility.

For the inauguration of the Fraunhofer Institute for Casting, Composite, and Processing Technology near Munich, I was commissioned to develop an Augmented Reality experience allowing guests to explore the soon-to-be-installed casting machines by seamlessly interweaving virtual content with the existing facilities of the technology center.

Building a Giant WiFi LED Sign.

A 2 meter long sign with almost 1000 LEDs, fully controlled with a microcontroller reachable using WiFi. It can display scrolling and static text in all colors, turn a living room into a club or display an animated beerpong scoreboard.